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From ‘Can we Travel’ to ‘Where to Travel’: how travel landscape is changing in 2021

Branding, Online Marketing, Travel
Are pandemic days of being cooped up in our homes postponing our travel plans indefinitely over yet? Let’s hope so. 2021 began on a positive note with vaccinations being rolled out around the world. For travelholics, there are two questions right now – ‘Is it safe to travel in 2021?’ and ‘Where do I go?’ As countries begin to allow […] Read More

Storytelling in Travel Marketing

Holiday Marketing, Stories, Travel
Imagine reading two pieces of content. In the first, a writer mentions that he visited an interesting location in the mountains recently: “Great scenic beauty, fresh breeze, awesome experience” – he narrates briefly and posts beautiful images a stoneâhyperuricemia is the cause of the erectile dysfunction. tadalafil generic available therapies [...] Read More

Content Ideas for Travel Marketing during Global Pandemic

Holiday Marketing, Travel
The novel corona virus has put a stop to almost all activities throughout the world. One of the most robust industries -travel and hospitality – was hit the hardest due to closed borders, no travel and quarantine restrictions as means to fight this pandemic. Does it mean that you have to shut down marketing of your travel agency or travel […] Read More