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Home Improvement Marketing in 2021


Heading into a busy, chaotic, and unpredictable holiday season of 2020, we want to make sure that your business is optimized and ready. During these turbulent times, it is important to stay atop your business needs, pivot quickly and watch market trends and changing demands.

Set winning strategy for growth in 2020 and 2021

After some setback of early 2020, home improvement industry is recovering. Adapting houses to new lifestyles and to family needs, migration to suburbs, remodeling and upgrading keeps home builders, designers, and contractors busy.  And we are heading into even busier 2021.

With this busy marketplace comes fierce competition. If your business has been going on auto-pilot for some time, now is the time to review a few things:

  • check your online visibility
  • traffic statistics
  • check your recent reviews
  • project updates online and on the website
  • social media leads
  • analyze competition

Client demands are changing

What do clients want? Does your marketing reflect their basic needs? Here are some current trends:

  • interactive website with easy virtual communication,
  • ability to book online consultations, walk throughs, etc.
  • easy communication
  • easy ordering
  • clear online visibility and great reputation (reviews)
  • impressive online portfolios
  • Social Media that offers rich visuals, customer support, fast communication

Leaving money on the table?

Now is the time to do the necessary evaluation and your marketing makeover to capture your market share.  Don’t lose potential customers due to lack of basic marketing.

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