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How to Market to Older Demographics – GenX & Baby Boomers

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Millennials (or Generation Y) and the newly evolved generation Z are very visible in our society. Open any social media platform and you will see young people dominating the platforms globally sharing their lives with the rest of the world. With technology and social media platforms evolving constantly, marketers masterfully use technology to [...] Read More

How to Find Influencers for Your Travel Business

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With the constant growth in popularity of Instagram, it’s easy to tell that influencers and brand ambassadors have become great assets for brands. This is because they can quickly establish trust in your brand and help to increase sales by advocating your products and services. Even big brands such as Adidas, Sprint, and Bigelow Tea [...] Read More

Storytelling in Travel Marketing

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Imagine reading two pieces of content. In the first, a writer mentions that he visited an interesting location in the mountains recently: “Great scenic beauty, fresh breeze, awesome experience” – he narrates briefly and posts beautiful images a stoneâhyperuricemia is the cause of the erectile dysfunction. tadalafil generic available therapies [...] Read More

5 Marketing Strategies Learned From Successful Business Owners

Successful marketing strategies for local businesses. When you consult businesses on their marketing strategy for extended period of time you get to see the results of your labor. Some marketing campaigns and strategies prove to be successful over time, some need course adjustment or a different approach, and some can be thrown out of the [...] Read More