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From ‘Can we Travel’ to ‘Where to Travel’: how travel landscape is changing in 2021

Branding, Online Marketing, Travel
Are pandemic days of being cooped up in our homes postponing our travel plans indefinitely over yet? Let’s hope so. 2021 began on a positive note with vaccinations being rolled out around the world. For travelholics, there are two questions right now – ‘Is it safe to travel in 2021?’ and ‘Where do I go?’ As countries begin to allow […] Read More

Importance of Online Business Directories for SEO and Online Ecosystem

Branding, Online Marketing
With growing competition in the online space, businesses across the globe are looking at means toexpand their customer base and improve revenue. This means leveraging the online business visibility and attracting organic traffic. Since search engines play the crucial part infinding companies to do business with, getting listed into trusted [...] Read More

How to Market to Older Demographics – GenX & Baby Boomers

Branding, Online Marketing, Stories
Millennials (or Generation Y) and the newly evolved generation Z are very visible in our society. Open any social media platform and you will see young people dominating the platforms globally sharing their lives with the rest of the world. With technology and social media platforms evolving constantly, marketers masterfully use technology to [...] Read More

Is it Time to Rebrand My Business?

Branding, Online Marketing
“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” Plutarch Pretty sure Plutarch was not talking about branding when he said this, but as a universal truth, let’s apply this towards marketing and branding. Right now, during the pandemic, many businesses are somewhat limited in their outward activities and not operating at their usual busy [...] Read More

How to Find Influencers for Your Travel Business

Holiday Marketing, Online Marketing, Stories, Travel
With the constant growth in popularity of Instagram, it’s easy to tell that influencers and brand ambassadors have become great assets for brands. This is because they can quickly establish trust in your brand and help to increase sales by advocating your products and services. Even big brands such as Adidas, Sprint, and Bigelow Tea [...] Read More

How Can Reviews Play a Key Role in Marketing Your Business

Online Marketing
“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy.” – Michael LeBoeuf, Business Author Is this time of the year when you are revising a marketing strategy to promote your brand, products, and services? In this highly competitive market where customer preferences and demands change daily, standing out and attracting customers to your [...] Read More